Thursday, 8 October 2015

Marine Upholstery in Northern Beaches

Marine upholstery typically involves providing boats, schooners, steamers and other types of marine vessels with protective padding, webbing, fabric or leather covers. It requires the material that is water resistant, UV ray resistant and one that withstands hard usage. A vinyl material that has been pre-treated for resistance against UV is generally preferable. The main aim of marine upholstery is to keep the water out and prevent it from entering the boat or damaging the wood. Even the wood chosen for making boats is of such quality that it can effectively repel the atrocities of different elements in the waters. Stainless steel hardware such as staples and screws are used so that the materials can tolerate wear and tear over a long period of time. Usually high density foam with a thin sheet of plastic is used to keep water out of the seams, and zippers made of nylon are employed to ensure waterproofing.

Marine upholstery also includes the cushions and beddings inside a boat, that make it both comfortable and waterproof. These include cockpit cushions, exterior and interior upholstery, interior curtains, cushions, foredeck cushions, etc. All these need to be of top quality if they are to stand the test of time. 

If you are looking for a marine upholstery solution that is world class, Luxafoam has a lot of great options for you. Their Enduro range of Dunlop foams are flame retardant and treated with Ultra Fresh, which helps control the growth of mildew and bacteria and eliminate odour. Their Dunlop Dry Flow foams drain away or reticulate the water they come into contact with. When used in combination with suitable fabrics, such as outdoor materials that have been open-weaved and a base of mesh, the cushions would dry out quickly and effectively, thus providing the superior performance and comfort for the years to come. The foam can be bought in sheets, and is also made available in options that can be cut to any shape or size that might be needed.

Luxafoam also specialises in customised seat covers for the V-berths, seating areas and cockpits.

To get more information about Dunlop foams sold by the firm, you need to get in touch with Rob, who has many years of useful experience in dealing with marine upholstery in Northern Beaches and an extensive knowledge of all the foam products.


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