Friday, 20 November 2015

Factors to Consider While Buying An Upholstered Sofa

When planning to buy a new upholstered sofa for your living room, you must be aware of certain factors that will help you to make the right choice while hopping from one furniture shop to another. Given below are some tips you can use while purchasing an upholstered sofa:

  • Check The Framework :A sturdy framework is the key to a durable furniture, be it an upholstered sofa or a simple wooden chair. The market is flooded with inexpensive options like pine, but they may start to wrap or teeter after some years. Sofas having a frame made with hardwood such as beech, oak or ash can be costly, but they would make your investment worthwhile. Check the legs of the product you are considering and make sure that they are either connected via pegs and screws or a part of the mainframe. 

  • Inspect The Joinery :While at the furniture shop, request for a written manufacturer’s information about the joinery of the sofa you wish to buy. Wooden dowels, wooden corner blocks, double wooden dowels or metal brackets and screws are all signs of a strong joinery.

  • Select A Good Fabric :Cotton, synthetic microfibre, linen, leather and wool are some durable as well as commonly preferred fabric options for upholstery in Sydney. Cotton and linen would generally be your best bet, but they can snag if woven loosely. Therefore, take that into account while choosing the fabric. Synthetic microfibre can resist stain and dirt. If you are willing to spend some more money, then go for wool or leather. They might be expensive, but would pay back well in the long run.

  • Examine The Springs :Rest yourself on any corner of the sofa in a seated position and listen for creaky or squeaky sounds. If you can hear that kind of noise, it means that the springs are either getting pressed against the frame or have not been installed properly. A good sofa will have the springs placed in close proximity of each other. Do not purchase a sofa devoid of springs, it would feel very uncomfortable and flimsy.

If the above mentioned tips are followed properly, your hunt for a suitable sofa would be far less overwhelming.


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